• I mean honestly — you are teaching a child how to use a weapon, for fuck’s sake.  And not just a weapon, but a fucking UZI.  You God-damned jackass.
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I think we need to think critically about why we keep placing the responsibility for preventing sexual assault on young women.
Why rape prevention activists don’t like the new nail polish that can detect roofies. (via think-progress)
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There Was A God.

There Was A God.

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When you go over your Budget while grocery shopping

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Anonymous said: eww thick thighs are gross


lord please forgive this sinner for he knows not what he’s sayings

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One of the reasons why I’m alone…..

  • People piss me off and I can only deal with certain ones
  • The dynamic between women and men, I will never understand nor respect

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Anonymous said: Why is it that people of color tend to be more violent and destructive when tragedy strikes? When the earthquake and tsunami hit my country everyone was civilized.

I really don’t know.

My thoughts on this are fairly simple.

When you treat people for generations that they are animals, some of the less intelligent of those people will start to act and behave like they are animals.  Shitty homes/schools/food/laws/jobs/cops/ etc, eventually it will explode and they will feel like animals.

To me it’s nothing more than a temper tantrum. A baby throwing the bottle because they don’t want to eat.  A child crying because they want that toy in the isle at the store. Not all children do this, just the ones who think or know they can get away with it.

Some of these people in the riots and looting think they can get away with it and maybe they can.

I don’t think this is just a “people of color thing”, especially because people riot all over the world.

Think of it more as a spoiled child who is demanding their way from really dumb parents who just don’t give a fuck about them.

There Is No God

Time to get off Twitter before I go on a massive spree of hunting people down.




dog trying to save fishes

and then comes a man and eats the fishes.

… just wow  

I prefer animals to humans.

There Is No God

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10 Beautiful Interracial Arrests

Race is complicated, but one thing remains true: An arrest transcends skin color.

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